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Pre-kindergarten - 4-Year-old

The 4-year-old Pre-kindergarten program emphasizes kindergarten readiness and exploration. This program is designed to expand on the skills established in our 3-year-old program, including socialization, independence, and group participation, and to prepare our students for future elementary experiences. Our engaging educational atmosphere is rich with discovery and possibility. Our goal is to encourage and challenge our students to become independent, enthusiastic learners.

We use a variety of instructional methods and developmentally appropriate activities to meet the varying cognitive, social, physical, and emotional needs of each individual child. To help prepare our students for upcoming kindergarten experiences, language and literacy activities further emphasize letter and sound identification, and sight words are introduced to encourage self-expression and promote reading readiness. Students learn about patterns, following multi-step directions, and left-to-right literacy progression. Students learn their age and birthday, along with how to identify and write their first and last names. Quantitative experiences include learning all the letters and their sounds, counting to 50, and identifying numbers 1 to 20.

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