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Diverse Learning Environments

Our programs also offer age-appropriate Spanish lessons, music lessons and computer lessons in addition to our excellent academic program.

Infants & Toddlers

Infants and Toddlers use the High Scope Curriculum.  This program encourages the child to self explore and learn through a hands-on approach.

TWO-year-old Program

Our Two-year-old program uses a blend of the High Scope and Scholastic Curriculum that promotes positive academics through a theme of the week and creative arts and sciences.

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three-year-old Program

Our 3-year-old program emphasizes socialization and discovery.  Our teaching staff uses their knowledge of the children's interests, strengths, and needs to create activities and experiences that enhance all areas of development.


The 4-year-old Pre-kindergarten program emphasizes kindergarten readiness and exploration.

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After School


Our developmentally appropriate school-age program is designed to meet the social, physical, cognitive, and academic needs of children in kindergarten through 5th grade.


Our School Age Summer Camp program has been developed to meet the needs of school-age children and their parents. Age-appropriate activities such as field trips, arts and crafts, cooking, music, computers, outdoor play, group projects, and time to do homework are offered.

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