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Toddler Program 1-2 years

Our toddler program allows our toddlers to feel safe and protected, while encouraging them to develop in all areas (cognitive, social, emotional, language, physical, and self help). We enable each child to develop in line with their individual ability, using developmentally age-appropriate practices. Our program promotes positive interaction between the teacher and toddler. As toddlers begin to turn words into phrases, self-expression and social skills blossom.

Appropriate activities foster the growth of each toddler's language development, social awareness, and positive problem solving. Our toddlers are given opportunities to build their fine and gross motor skills through exploration of the environment. Self help skills such as feeding,  dressing, independence and self-confidence are fostered. We offer activities for toddlers to explore their world through art, music and creative movement in a challenging and stimulating environment.

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